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April 27, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



And she just keeps going…

Seriously. Beyonce is the leaner, tanner, and hotter version of the Energizer Bunny. Every day of the week there’s a new song, a new hairstyle, a new siting of Blue Ivy, etc etc. This time, we get a short music video (or long commercial; you decide) for her new campaign with H&M. Her line of bikinis drops during the summer, and 25% of the profit goes to H&M for WaterAid, providing water sanitation help to specific countries. So basically, you’ll feel like Beyonce (jk, no you won’t), and be a good samaritan. Win, win.

The video for “Standing on the Sun”, released Thursday, focuses on the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water. I’m pretty sure no one picked up on that at first glance because there were too many other attractions to focus on, i.e., Beyonce.

But if you really do pay attention to the “deeper meaning” in these types of things, I suppose some clues like her being in the water, playing with fire, rolling around in the sand, and emulating a bird would definitely aid in executing the purpose in the video.

Quite frankly, they could’ve saved a boat load on car insurance, not by switching to Geico, but simply stamping the H&M logo on her “Baby Boy” video, since it literally is the same thing, as this, and a whole lot sexier.

And yes, while Beyonce was quite the star, as always, I was more focused on something else…

This is her second commercial to feature a new song. The first, being “Grown Woman” which was the background of her recent Pepsi commercial. Am I sensing a new form of publicity here? Oh, yea.


This music video/commercial hybrid allows the artist gets to promote her new material, while the company gets their product alongside a celebrity for more than the typical thirty second commercial length. And of course, every time you hear the song you’re going to think of the product.

So what could this possibly mean?

Money, money, money, money, money. MONEYYYY!

It’s kind of like that time Justin Timberlake was crooning in the background of the McDonald’s commercial, and it ended up being an actual song. And whenever you heard it you were like “Why do I want a Big Mac…”. Ah, the beauty of manipulating people into buying things, or in regular terms, advertising.

Check out the video below. Maybe it’ll inspire you to unleash your inner Sasha Fierce. Or go shopping. Or really want a Big Mac.

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