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April 20, 2011  | by: Kerri O'Malley


Beyonce’s latest single, “Run the World (Girls)” leaked online this Monday.  The new track is a rollicking dance frenzy, mostly thanks to a now-ubiquitous “Pon de Floor” sample.  Not just a sample in this case, Major Lazer’s Diplo and Switch co-produced the track, according to Pitchfork.  What Major Lazer sample, you ask?

Major Lazer remains something of a cult, internet phenomenon (now, they will even have their own Adult Swim show — nothing’s more cult than that).  Created entirely by the two aforementioned producers, Major Lazer broke onto the scene in 2009 with a catchy track and an outrageous music video made by Eric Wareheim of comedy duo Tim & Eric.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Check it out:

If the beat sounds familiar, it’s because it has been used incessantly since its internet debut.  Someone I’ve never heard of named Casely used the unstoppably catchy drum part and electro-backdrop in his collab with Lil Jon and Machel Montano for their accurately named “Sweat” in 2010.  Much more famous was last year’s Diddy-Dirty Money track featuring Swizz Beatz, “Ass on the Floor.”  Diddy-Dirty stole the marching band beat for their confusing lovesick ass-shaking song.

You would think that two hip-hop songs would be enough samples for one (extremely recent) track.  But now, Major Lazer have brought Beyonce into their incestual club.  While both Casely and Diddy-Dirty Money used the track to call to mind the impossibly bodacious body-thumping of the original Major Lazer video, Beyonce sings a simplified, quasi-feminist track over the beat, which she proclaims “craa-zy.”  But does it work?

As I listen to the track, I can’t help but groove to it.  But I’m not sure how much credit Beyonce deserves for that.  With all the “Single Ladies” sass Beyonce brings to the track, I want to love it.  This track could be the next lady ego-boosting tune from the queen of them all.  We’ll see if the inane, repeated “Girls!” chorus will be the downfall of the new song or not.  Can’t wait to see the video!  Check out the audio track below:

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