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February 14, 2013  | by: Meaghan "Chas" Kerin
Flickr (AlexJohnson)

Flickr (AlexJohnson)


When Beyonce arrived at the Grammys on Sunday in a very classy, black and white romper I have to say I was a little surprised. I know that CBS had a no-skin rule, but I was expecting the singer to show up in something a little more risqué after her lights-out Super Bowl performance. But now I know, she was just saving the hotter dress for another moment: the premiere of her HBO documentary “Life is But a Dream.”

At the Tuesday night premiere, Beyonce showed up in a cleavage-revealing, embellished beige gown from Elie Saab’s Spring 2012 Haute Couture collection. And it was unreal. Even with that much skin showing, she still managed to look flawlessly elegant. Her lips were a nice pink and the eye makeup was simple, allowing Beyonce to shine in the gown and all its glory.

The look was simple but definitely sent a message. The documentary reveals some of Beyonce’s insecurities as she struggles to stay relevant and remain true to herself in the face of her success, but I have to wonder how anyone could ever feel insecure when they look like that!

Moreover, the fact that Beyonce can rock a romper like she did on Sunday and turn around with this Elie Saab gown to look equally as fabulous only a few days later really proves that she is a queen. I only wish she would share her beauty secrets with us mere mortals; it’s simply unfair that one woman looks so perfect all the time.

She’s a girl who has it all: the looks, the family, the wardrobe, the career, the fame–I wouldn’t hate it if she suffered from a wardrobe malfunction (or two) just to remind us that she is, in fact, human. Even Oprah Winfrey can’t hide her admiration for Beyonce–she decided to make a surprise appearance at the event and even posed with her on the red carpet. (Why anyone would voluntarily be photographed next to Beyonce–especially in that dress–is beyond me.)

What do you think of the singer’s dress? Do you love her look as much as I do?

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