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June 15, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Beyonce on the July 2011 Cover of Dazed & Confused

We all have read articles in our favorite fashion magazines about our most admired celebrity. We are hooked to every printed word, looking for something new we can love even more about the singer, actor, dancer, athlete etc.  It’s usually challenging to find something unique about the article that you haven’t seen before in other magazines.  Beyonce looks FIERCE on the cover of the latest Dazed & Confused magazine, but a fan may just pick up the magazine because they see her face, looking for nothing spectacular to draw them in further.  However, Dazed & Confused does not disappoint.

Beyonce in 'Dazed and Confused'

The magazine makes the dream come true for fashion lovers and Beyonce fans.  Not only is there an unbelievable fashion spread that shows the diva like we’ve never seen her before, but the article consists of amazing questions asked by our favorite iconic fashion designers!  Tom Ford, Riccardo Tisci, Stefano Pilati and Gareth Pugh all interviewed Beyonce for the piece, asking questions that allowed her fans to learn more about her.

Many people were confused by Beyonce’s sudden creation of an alter ego, the outgoing, high-performing Sasha Fierce. They don’t understand how someone who seems so quiet and shy could get on stage and be this superstar that brings drama, excitement, undeniable talent and take-your-breath-away entertainment to her fans. The iconic and talented Tom Ford asked Beyonce if she is really the shy person we think she is.  Beyonce responds:

“I used to be very shy. I don’t think I’m shy anymore. I get really uncomfortable when I’m not performing, on the stage or at a photo shoot, and have too many people looking at me, expecting a performance. It makes me kind of shut down and become shy. I’m happier talking to people trying to learn something from them. I’m better at one-on-one conversations. I do become shy and a bit intimated when it’s a large group of people, I definitely retreat. At a big dinner I just hope that no one expects much from me. I wish I’d disappear.”

Beyonce in Dazed & Confused

Another unique question was asked by the designer who is known for his intense dark gothic style: Gareth Pugh. Knowing Beyonce is a Virgo, he asked her what Virgo characteristics she has.  Beyonce seemed excited to answer:

“I’m a virgo to a tee!…I like to think outside the box. I don’t believe in the answer ‘no.’  I am extremely driven and extremely critical – sometimes overly critical. Sometimes it is one of those things that I have to work on. I am a control freak, I pay attention to details. When I do something, I do it 100 percent. I have high expectations for myself and expect the same for the everyone around me. I have always been that way. I am all or nothing.

Beyonce in Dazed & Confused

This article and photo spread is something new, brilliant and authentic for the magazine and also for Beyonce. It seemed to go along perfectly with the tone of her new music and the direction she is going with her album.  The unique cover story is definitely something refreshing for fashion and music lovers alike.

The article also allows the reader to learn about what Beyonce does when she first wakes up in the morning, how she feels about fashion, and what’s with this album. This article opened the door for something new in the magazine journalism world, and also in the fashion world; it did a good job combining the two worlds.  The article was great, but this last quote from the article tied it all together perfectly by allowing the readers to enter Beyonce’s head for a moment, showing how she stands above the rest:

“This part of my life is all about embracing change and going to the next level, taking risks and showing my bravery. Not being safe, not doing the song that everyone else on pop radio sounds like. Basically, what everyone else is doing, unless it is natural for me. I want to do something completely different. I feel like I’ve earned that right. Risks excite me.”

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