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June 24, 2011  | by: Bianca Salvant

Beyonce, 4, album cover

The well known diva, Beyonce, has sung her way to the bottom of the charts. Apparently, girls don’t run the world after all.  The release of her first single for her fourth album, “Run the World (Girls),” ranked No. 33 on Billboard Hot 100. Her second single, “The Best Thing I Never Had,” ranked at No. 50, the worst Beyonce has ever done.

And it has a few people shaking in their boots.

Her record label, Columbia, asked her to go back into the studio in order to record more songs because they fear the unthinkable: the album will flop. Their panic is understandable considering the fact that Beyonce has a record of producing No. 1′s and they can’t seem to understand what is happening now. It is their assumption that Beyonce simply fell off the radar after her two year break from the music scene. Have people forgotten about her?

Maybe not. The singles were badly picked. For instance, “Run the World” is an awesome song–for the 80′s. We are currently living in a time where women are CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and no longer need an anthem. Why? Because the success has already been achieved. When Destiny’s Child released “Survivor,” everyone loved it because a lot of the “woman power” was hard to reach in 2001.

Maybe this is another reason why Columbia Records is trying to push her into a “Family Reunion” with her old gals. Yes, they would like Destiny’s Child to get back into the studio together in hopes of bringing Beyonce back.

But of course, Beyonce loves her shine and she refused. They’ve left all the balls in her court, and now we are waiting to see the results.

Her album, 4,  is set to be released on June 27th.

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