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December 28, 2011  | by: Ama Kwarteng

The Best & Worst of 2011

Now that January 2012 magazines have started to come out, WWD has released its annual report of 2011’s best and worst selling covers. Some people are just born to sell magazines (Sarah Jessica Parker) while other people (Justin Bieber) should stick to what they do best.

Kunis on the Cover of GQ

The year’s best consisted of SJP, whose January Elle, August Vogue, and September Marie Claire are currently the 2nd or 3rd bestseller for each magazine this year, and Lady Gaga, who was featured in March’s Vogue, Anna Wintour’s 2nd bestselling issue.  Gaga was also featured in March’s Harper’s Bazaar, an issue that was Glenda Bailey’s 3rd best seller.  However, Lady Gaga was also a loser too.  The October issue of Harper Bazaar with her makeup free face on the cover was the 3rd worst seller for the magazine.

Mila Kunis had a breakout year which contributed to her top selling magazines. GQ’s best selling issue from August had her on the cover. Her Cosmo cover and the Elle cover she shared with Justin Timberlake were also top sellers. America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, also did a great job this year when it came to magazine covers. Her July Marie Claire was the best seller for the magazine this year and her November Elle also was a big hit.

Timberlake and Seyfried's W Cover

As I mentioned before, Justin Bieber didn’t do so hot. His cover of Vanity Fair was the lowest selling issue since 1992, when the current editor, Graydon Carter took over. His People, Teen Vogue, and Rolling Stone covers also all had below average sales. This is very shocking to me, and probably to most. Justin Bieber has over 15.5 million Twitter followers and according to the Microsoft Search Engine, Bing, he was the most searched person of 2011. This would make anyone, including the magazine editors who put him on the cover, assume that he would sell well, but apparently not.

Another Justin also didn’t do so well — Justin Timberlake.  Even thought his Elle cover with Mila Kunis was a hit, his W cover with Amanda Seyfriend was the magazine’s 2nd worst seller, and his cover for October’s Esquire was the magazine’s worst seller for the entire year.

Michelle Williams had bad-selling magazine covers too. Her Vogue and Marie Claire covers were some of the worst this year for each magazine.

Magazine covers with the Kardashian sisters on them were mixed. Kim’s August cover of Cosmo and her February cover of Glamour were big sellers, while her other covers of Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, and Self were around average. However, the sales of her December Marie Claire and the January 2012 Glamour, which feature all three of the sisters, are not selling well at all.

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