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March 20, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu
Instagram (BenjaminLasnier)

Instagram (BenjaminLasnier)


Oh Baby! Is our world ready for another Bieber? Afraid so, because 12-year-old Benjamin Lasnier have made himself known to not only the YouTube world, but Sony records!

This “Danish Justin Bieber” not only looks like him, but started his career almost the same exact way that the real Justin Bieber did. Last easter, Lasnier was convinced by his cousin to create an Instagram and followed a few people. And as his 12-year-old self, the only thing he posted was his selfie shots. Talk about narcissistic! But it apparently worked, because on his first photo, he received over 50 likes! I know he’s cute, but come on, that’s a little outrageous, don’t you think? 

Instagram (BenjaminLasnier)

Instagram (BenjaminLasnier)

Over 1,000 photos and 762,000 followers later, he now earned himself a nickname for his hardcore fans- “Benzilers”. Sounds a lot like “Beliebers,” doesn’t it?

But his fame didn’t stop on Instagram, just weeks later fans, mostly girls obviously, went after his mother Merete! Screaming girls? That’s something our very own Justin is all too familiar with.

Next step? YouTube! Not quite at Justin’s level, but as Sony rep  Mads Kjaergaard says, “Every talent starts from scratch,” which is how this mini-Bieber got his big break into Hollywood. He started his YouTube career at the age of 13, lip-synching to his idol Bieber’s songs. Who else released his first song at 13, and had his first love

Check his video out, and let me know if you think he’s got enough swag to pull off being the next Justin Bieber:



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