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April 09, 2011  | by: Cynthia Almanzar

Ben Affleck

While some casting news disappoint, others get more interesting. Earlier this week, I brought you some “The Hunger Game” casting news and the outrage it brought with it. Today, Ben Affleck is trying very hard to land a role in Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” and as it turns out that’s caused no outrage whatsoever. Though, I have no doubt somewhere someone is groaning at the thought.

Affleck is trying out for the role of Tom Buchanan, Daisy’s actual husband. Right now, the parties involved are trying to work out a schedule since Affleck’s previous commitment to “Fargo” might interfere. I really hope this works out because I’m sure it’ll be quite enjoyable to watch Ben play the asshole. He fits the part. This is the main difference between “The Hunger Games” casting and this movie’s. We can immediate see these actors as the characters.

When it was announced that Leonardo DiCaprio would be playing Jay Gatsby I could immediately see it. Actually, I wondered how that never occurred to me. DiCaprio fills the role of a mysterious man with an absolutely shady past very well. I have seen him do that before and he is really good at it. Also, I have seen him play the part of a man so in love that said love can withstand the passage of time. Moreover, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway sounds awesome, and while I can’t imagine such a sweet-looking girl as Carrie Mulligan playing such a woman as Daisy Buchanan, I’m sure she has the skills to do a wonderful job.

I think some filmmakers think that the moviegoers that will go to see “The Hunger Games” won’t appreciate a more fitting cast with lots of talent more than they’ll appreciate good-looking actors. It comes down to that. Teenagers are superficial and only care about looks. I think moviemakers will find out the hard way that this ain’t so.

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