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August 22, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Kate Moss

When it comes to fashion, it is mostly stamped in our brains to have your own style, and make everything your own. That is very important, but adding versatility to your style never hurt anyone. Change up your wardrobe a little bit, and have various trends, looks, and styles all in one closet. One never knows what mood they will be in for the day.

Model Kate Moss has done this in such a way that one can’t do anything but admire her infamous style choices. No matter what we know about her past, we know that Moss is worthy to be noted for style. She can wear a colorful mini skirt, with an over-sized gray sweater with matching gray pumps and look gorgeous. Or we can see her again in a more relaxed look with striped cropped pants, flats, a comfortable t-shirt and a tuxedo jacket, still looking sexy chic. These are two completely different looks, yet her glow and effervescence does not fade when she makes a wardrobe change. This is the same happenings that need to occur when we make a wardrobe change-up, the attitude may alter with the outfit, but it still is evident and clear that an attitude exists.

Kate Moss in studded leather jacket

Another example of how Moss can wear anything and not look lost in the fashions, is how she is pictured in all black: a mini skirt, black low v-cut top, black studded leather jacket and black pumps, with a animal print clutch. This look screams rock ‘n’ roll with her out-of-the-bed hair and little to no makeup, yet once again she still looks effortlessly flawless. At another event, Moss is looking Hollywood glamorous with a green slinky gown and big fur coat, with hair slicked down and pinned and necessary make-up. Once again two opposite looks, but she catches everyone’s eye in whatever she wears, no matter how different the looks are. And who can forget when Moss got married? The world couldn’t imagine what her dress would look like, but she never looked so breathtakingly feminine in a John Galliano wedding gown. Yet again showing she is the perfect manikin for any outfit, gown and/or wardrobe.

Kate Moss and husband at wedding

Kate Moss is the rocker chic, she is the sexy model, she is the naughty girl-next-door, she is a wife, Kate Moss is every girl all wrapped in one. Just like Moss, every fashionista should have an outfit for every personality she feels lives inside of her. There is an outfit for fun, an outfit for work, an outfit for leisure; an outfit for everything. Do not be afraid to allow your closet to bring each woman in you alive in different outfits. Fashion is supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be tried and experimented with, do as Moss does and have fun playing dress up. Do this with knowing what works for you, and what your individual style is, don’t leave your house in an outfit that makes you uncomfortable because you know it doesn’t belong on you. It’s sexy to be something that isn’t expected, and it is also exciting. Think of Kate Moss when you’re craving for new things for your wardrobe, have fun with fashion again because fashion never dies.

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