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June 24, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

L-R Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Felder Felder x2, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior x2, Jean Paul Gautier x2, Hannah Marshall, House of Holland, Proenza Shoulder

It is officially summertime, and around this time of year, less is more when it comes to fashion; the shorter the length, the better. But this season that cliche statement has been taken to another level with sexy lingerie-inspired fashion everywhere now, not only in Victoria’s Secret.

Sheer, lace, and silk materials are what we’re used to wearing for a sexy night with our lucky significant other. Now these are materials are being worn in our everyday clothing. Fashion designers have always pushed the nudity limit on the runways with their models, and this is no exception. Models can be seen wearing a sheer top with a sexy laced bra underneath, a tasteful tease to the outside admirer. Designers have even taken the peep show to the lower body with sheer and silk bottoms, but pairing them with something more practical at the top of the outfit, making it a perfect, simple sexy combination. Celebrities like Rihanna, Lea Michele and Taylor Momsen have all been seen in this trend, yet all worn it in different ways.

Jessica Szohr in lingerie inspired dress

On the red carpet, this trend has been seen in a more mature and chic way with celebrities wearing knee-length conservative dresses, yet revealing some of their lace bra with a lower cut b-line. This has been applauded (if done right) by the fashion critics because it is a fun way to show your playful side, while also keeping the correct attire for the occasion. Another way this trend is being showcased on the red carpet is through longer length dresses. This is a combination of the shorter, solid material, cocktail style dress, overcast with a longer floor-length sheer skirt. Look to people like Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Stam as examples for how to pull this look off.

My favorite that be perfect for a night out with the girls or a fun star-studded event is the sheer-finish cocktail dress with bustier detailing. Actress Jessica Szohr pulled this look off like no other, and Scarlett Johansson pulled off a similar look as well.

For a more fun, casual look, pair a sheer or laced top with a slimming pair of jeans. This look is best in all black everything. Look for a black top, finished in a lace material, wear a nude or black bra underneath, and add slimming jeans or a perfectly fitted skirt (black or a sexy contrasting color) and you are set to turn heads. If you want to be a little more subtle, place a blazer over your top to not draw as much attention. For your feet, simple suede, leather or even patent leather pumps in neutral colors work best.

The lace or sheer top, or a sheer bottom, is all the BANG you need for your outfit.  This is not a trend that needs a lot to make it noticeable. This trend speaks for itself, and just needs a sexy attitude to top it off. With this trend simple is best, just like lingerie. The lingerie-inspired trend is meant to make you feel sexy and show your inner tiger. But the key to making this work and inspire envy is to keep it simple because a little peek of skin is all you need to drive them crazy.

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