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March 18, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu
Flickr (myownstyle1234)

Flickr (myownstyle1234)


What? A Mad Men inspired collection? This could be interesting. Banana Republic will be collaborating with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant for their new collection. 

Although BR never mentioned it was meant to be MM- inspired, but come on, it’s the MM costume designer we’re talking about! Going Mad is all she can think about, at the moment. But we don’t mind, do we? Combined with MM’s retro sharp look, and Banana’s classy-esque feel, I can only think of perfection.

Photo by Tom Munroe

Photo by Tom Munroe


Don? Joan? Want to be the advertising’s next it couple? You know where to start your shopping spree! That colorful tie brings out the overall mundane suit, giving the entire suit a nice sharp look. And her dress! The prints give a retro meets tribal look that screams classy and bold at the same time. Brilliant! 

Photo by Tom Munroe

Photo by Tom Munroe


The stripes! Vertical stripes are scientifically proven to elongate your legs. And cinching the waist? Thin and tall, not a bad combination.

What do you think? Do you see a little Don and Joan in there? Would you support Banana Republic’s Mad Men- inspired collection?



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