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May 21, 2011  | by: Kerri O'Malley

Tyler the Creator

Amidst the overwhelming success of Tyler the Creator’s latest release, Goblin, rumblings against the young and foul rapper who heads the latest shock in hip-hop, Odd Future, have begun.  Last week, Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara wrote an open letter to Tyler and the media, protesting Tyler’s misogynist and homophobic lyrics.  After word of Quin’s blog got around, GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, stepped in to support Ms. Quin.

A post on the organization’s website ultimately holds Tyler accountable, while Quin’s harsh words were mainly directed at the media.  GLAAD’s post reads:

Tyler has said in interviews that he is not homophobic, yet his Twitter feed and rhymes are rampant with anti-gay slurs and references. His defense that “people take things too seriously” or that he’s “just a kid” is inexcusable. Using hateful language, regardless of the context, is unacceptable and in fact, very serious. Tyler’s attempts to be provocative as well as his indifference towards the consequences of his actions are irresponsible.

While I think Tyler and his Odd Future buddies might argue that the whole point is to be irresponsible, it’s becoming obvious that the Odd Future backlash has begun.  Until now, it seemed that no one was standing up against the musical phenomenon, despite the harsh lyrics.  But now, the backlash has even extended to Odd Future’s actual performances, a place where they seemed untouchable.

Tyler Crowd Surfing at Coachella

Impose’s Blake Gillespie recently stepped out of the pack to write a negative post about the bottle-throwing incident at Odd Future’s Detroit show, basically calling out Odd Future for letting their mouths write a check their asses can’t cash.  Gillespie writes:

[Odd Future] will dive from 20 feet up and expect you to catch them. It will hurt you once the adrenaline wears off. But for the love of all that is holy, don’t you dare bring them into the riot. It’s scary. I mean, come on people. Tyler has asthma, ya’ll. One of them almost got hurt…It’s getting more difficult to believe the nihilism of OF when the crew collectively bitches up over incidents it instigated.

Accusing Odd Future of being posers might be more important to the Gang, but it’s GLAAD who’s really gunning for Tyler.  GLAAD writes, “Slurs have the power to fuel intolerance,” and ominously promises that they will “continue to monitor media coverage of Tyler.”

In the age of the “It Gets Better” campaign, will Tyler’s homophobic lyrics be his downfall?  Or does his wild success negate the efforts of pro-gay celebrities like Lady Gaga and everyone involve with “It Gets Better?”  At this point, it’s hard to see what the Future holds.

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