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August 08, 2011  | by: Katherine Polanco

B dot Jay

A person with goals and dreams is a person I wish nothing but the best for, and this is one of those people.  He goes by B [dot] Jay.  A nineteen year old who is zealous, hard working and diligent, B [dot] Jay is destined for greatness.  A college student juggling everything from rapping to producing and his own clothing brand, B [dot] Jay is willing to put in the effort to achieve his life-long dream, which he says is to “make music and make a difference.”

At the tender age of 8, Jay began to rap, and he loved the reaction people would give him at that age.  Once he got older, he started using rap as a form of an expression.  Due to insufficient funds to reach out to producers, by the time B [dot] Jay was in middle school he started producing his own music.  “I figured I had to do it for myself if I really wanted to exceed,” he says.

Unique and creative are two words that describe B [dot] Jay to a T.

Growing up, people labeled him as a weirdo and no one ever understood him or why he dressed the way he did, or spoke the way he spoke. However, this never stopped him from being who he is. He always wondered why people were so judgmental, but B [dot] Jay just does what he genuinely enjoys with no hesitations.

His artistry and visions are more than just music.

We can concur that a visionary piece of art helps translate an auditory one, and this is why B [dot] Jay also began creating his own graphic designs and artwork for songs, mixtapes, etc. He feels that a visual piece is able to persuade a person into listening to his music and help them become interested in him as an artist.

Model in Weirdoe T-Shirt

Graphic designing helped him become passionate about designing in general, and this new-found love helped him make the decision to create his own clothing line: Weirdoe Clothing, symbolic of self-expression and focusing on originality.

The T-shirts have no limitation on self-expression, which is why Weirdoe Clothing is not only unique and stylish, but far-reaching. These shirts are stitched and designed for those aren’t afraid to stand out and be themselves…be “Weirdoes.”

Music is his main priority as of now.  Jay’s aspirations for his music career are never ending, and he hopes to reach star level success with it.

With an extreme amount of motivation and positivity, B [dot] Jay is excelling at what he does.  With patience comes success, and he’s had the opportunity to produce “Good Evening” and “The Spins” for the Pittsburg native rapper Mac Miller who is signed to Rostrum Records.  He also produced his own newest projects “MidnightMunchies,” “SleepingInTheClouds,” and “HYPEBeasts.”

B [dot] Jay brings his passion for originality into his music, especially in his latest track, “HYPEBeasts” (click to download).  Of the song, B [dot] Jay said:

“How original do you think society is right now? And how do you separate yourself from what you call a HYPEBeast? Nothing in life is really original because every thing has been done before. But a lot of people do things to be accepted by others and I personally hate that, because I used to be that “weirdoe” that nobody understood…People nowadays are afraid to do what they really want because of how society will perceive it. F*ck that. We can’t sag? It’s just a style. It’s wrong for people to be gay? If that is what makes them happy, who are we to tell them that its wrong? My message behind ‘HYPEbeasts’ is to encourage people to do what they want regardless of what anyone will think.  You only have one life, live it with no regrets.”

B [d0t] Jay believes his own originality will shine through in the music industry.  My story definitely sets me apart from others, as well as how I present it,” he said.  “And once I ‘get on’ I’m really going to give back and help other people. Not through charities but actually in the hands of people who really need it. Once I get a position of power I’ll use it in a way never done before, to inform people about the ills of our government and economics, as well as try to help people progress past all prejudices [racial, sexual orientation, and even in the fashion industry].”

B [dot] Jay is symbolic of dedication, growth and hard work, and he’s just beginning on a career adventure to achieve his dreams.

After chatting with B [dot] Jay…I am proud to be a “Weirdoe.”

Learn more about B [dot] Jay and listen to his music on tumblr, soundcloud and support the Weirdoes everywhere.

HYPEBeast Song Cover

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