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September 08, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Flickr (The405)

Flickr (The405)


Uh oh, mermaid fight!

As usual, Azealia Banks is starting beef on Twitter, but this time, she’s calling pop culture icon Lady Gaga out.

Gaga kicked off this year’s iTunes Festival last night, performing eight tracks off her ‘ARTPOP’ album for the first time. And when Banks saw Gaga come out with her mermaid do-up – a similar theme Banks had been exploring for quite some time since 2012 – Banks let the fins fly, blasting the “Applause” singer in Twitter’s 140 character universe.

She first made a subtle jab at Gaga: ‘Yaaaaaas bitch!!! You better promote the head negress During YOUR performance !!! #promo #mermaid #huge”

And then followed up with an uppercut to the jaw: “On a scale of 1-10, how out of ideas is Lady Gaga?”

Flickr (Jauretsi)

Flickr (Jauretsi)

As to what seems to be ticking Azealia off, nobody knows, but there is speculation about Gaga’s track “Ratchet” which was intended to be a collaboration between the two performers. Only thing is, Azealia’s not on the track! Nonetheless, the Monsters weren’t all too happy with the rapper’s choice words for their pop icon and they surely made it rain on her with insults. Though one must wonder, if Lady Gaga is promoting her new album, when exactly will Azealia Banks start promoting hers?

It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s minds. When is Azealia Banks coming out with her new album? Nobody knows! She’s been the most highly anticipated female rapper out there who’s celebrated  for her gritty, electro-inspired style and her wit-infused wordplay; however, news about her album Broke with Expensive Taste has been pretty mum with an occasional update about it being delayed. Her latest news on the album is that it’ll be out by this fall…. hopefully.

Azealia Banks is firing away on her verbal cannon, aiming and hitting Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton, Lily Allen, Kreayshawn, Iggy Azalea, A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora, T.I., Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and many others along the way… all without an official body of work! I’m not sure how the rap game operates, but I’m pretty sure you need to have an album out before you start taking shots at other people’s craft.

Nonetheless, if any of her new tracks she’s been teasing us with are any indicator of what’s in her album, then perhaps Broke with Expensive Taste is worth waiting for. Let’s blast 212 (because Lord knows that’s the only song that’s ever gotten airtime)  till’ the album drops!

But as for you, Banks. Shush!

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