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May 11, 2011  | by: Kerri O'Malley

Bolton in "Jack Sparrow"

Just in time for The Lonely Island’s latest release, Turtleneck & Chain, the boys released a video to their collaboration with Michael Bolton (yeah, that Michael Bolton), “Jack Sparrow.”  The video chronicles an unfortunate recording session with the aging singer, who seems oddly obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Thanks to Bolton, Jack Sparrow is invading your local nightclub.

My favorite part of the video has to be all the different costumes they put Bolton in.  He makes a pretty good Captain Jack — maybe a bit more Keith Richards than Johnny Depp, but hey, it’s the same movie –  a believable Scarface, and a righteous Erin Brockovich.  Bolton, you complete me.  Check out the new video below:

Turtleneck & Chain dropped yesterday, with collabs ranging from Nicki Minaj to Snoop Dogg and Beck.  The new Lonely Island album was released with a DVD of the trio’s previously released videos, like “I Just Had Sex,” “Motherlover,” “The Creep,” and “Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde.”  I can’t wait to see what the comedy trio does with Snoop Dogg’s song, the title track from Turtleneck & Chains.  Don’t stop making videos now, guys!

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