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June 02, 2012  | by: Angel Mills

Wizard Rock bands

Recently, I was enlightened to a new genre of music that has developed quite a following in the past eight years: Wizard Rock. Although some of you may of heard of this type of music, others of you are most likely as clueless as I was a few days ago.

Wizard Rock is a genre of music inspired by J. K. Rowling’s famous book series, Harry Potter. Wizard Rock bands express their love for the series through their music lyrics and performance attire.

In 2008, a documentary called We Are Wizards was released to the public. The documentary depicts the lives of several Wizard Rock musicians. According to the documentary, The Wizard Rock movement is said to have begun with a band called Harry and the Potters. Created by brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge in 2002, Harry and the Potters have played their music for Wizard Rock fans in libraries across the world. Their music has been the muse for other Wizard Rock bands including Draco and the Malfoys, Wingardium Leviosa, the Whomping Willows and The Moaning Myrtles.

Wizard Rock band performances have been drawing HP fans across the country to their shows

As a reader of all seven Harry Potter novels (and yes, I say that proudly), I think Wizard Rock musicians have found a way to capture a significant moment in popular culture. Through movies, books, toys and paraphernalia, the Harry Potter series has metamorphosed into a lifestyle. People from all over the world have bonded over their love for the character and have created an international community of Harry Potter fandom.

In recent years, Twilight has also become hugely popular. I am interested to see if committed Twilight fans will begin to create bands and a musical genre as well. Maybe the movement has already begun.

 Let me know, and in the mean time listen to some Wizard Rock!

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