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July 11, 2012  | by: Abby Oladipo

The iPad compared to the rumored iPad mini on the right

A tablet that’s 7.85 inches diagonally, as thin as the iPod touch at 7.2mm thin, still wider than most 7 inch tablets on the market, with an affordable price tag, seems daring and innovative in the world of the 7 inch tablets. However, Apple, the brain child behind such groundbreaking hits as the iPad dares to be innovative as rumors flare up that the tech giant is gearing up for a mini version of its iPad.

At first glance, this potential device doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for Apple, it could be a way to increase their loyal fan base. Apple already gained numerous admirers with its introduction of the iPad, but some consumers are still skeptical of the large 9.7 inch screen size and steep pricing that was sure to make a dent in their wallets. That’s why Apple could be on to something if these rumors are true. It would broaden Apple’s iPad reach to those seeking a tablet that can fit in a purse or large pocket and would most likely increase sales for Apple who could steer customers away from buying the newly released Nexus 7.

The iPad mini is being said to be similar in height to the Google Nexus 7 but will be wider to provide a 4:3 aspect ratio. If claims of it being as thin as the iPod touch are true, the iPad mini could knock Toshiba’s Excite 10 LE out of the park, which is the thinnest tablet out there. The iPad mini is also said to have a 1024 by 768 pixel display, which would allow it to run iPad apps without the need for adjustment. It will also reportedly be assembled by Foxconn.

Will you buy the iPad mini if the rumors are true?

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