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October 02, 2012  | by: Jara Montez
A Screenshot of Apple Maps

Apple CEO, Tim Cook took to the internet to release an apology for the company’s unsuccessful new feature, Apple Maps, last week.
Apple Maps was released in the most recent version of the iPhone, as well as iOS6 operating system. Since its reveal, the map system has received less than pleasant reviews, as the system is completely unreliable.  

The maps are generally vague overviews of your location and omits streets and major landmarks. Cook’s apology noted the frustration of customers, and he offered using alternative applications such as Bing and Mapquest, while they work to create some sort of functional replacement. In his letter, Cook also promised that Apple will, “Keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard,” that Apple is known for.
The reason that this is such a contentious issue boils down to two words; User Experience. Apple is known for its minimalist, yet incredibly efficient designs, so the Maps blunder is nothing short of a shock. To make matters worse, with Google Maps, users had arguably the greatest mapping experience. That means that users were not simply downgraded from a “good” system, they were downgraded from the best. And with that shift, the disparities are huge.
But does this issue really need  to be as grandiose as customers are making it? Not really. Granted, Maps is necessary to almost everyone. The current system is not helpful, and could end up causing problems regarding daily travel. Yet, what is it that is preventing people from heeding Cook’s advice and simply downloading another app? It is not as if Apple is forcing you to use their built-in system. There are multiple other maps out there for you to use in the meantime.
This has only been the second major gaffe by Apple, and just like the iPhone 4 issue was dealt with, I have full faith that Apple Maps will be restored to some form of functionality. This is just a case of “you never know what you have until it’s gone”, and Apple users are clearly sure to do miss the old. Google must be grinning form ear to ear now.


To see the humorours side of  this issue, check out theamazingios6maps.tumblr.com

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