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May 17, 2013  | by: Allie Fasanella
Creative Commons (article.wn.com)

Creative Commons (article.wn.com)


Everyone’s favorite bad girl, Angelina Jolie, has come out with some stunning news. In a New York Times article written by Jolie herself, titled “My Medical Choice”, she reveals to the public that she underwent a double mastectomy in early February. 

The actress explains that she made this decision after becoming aware of her 87% chance of getting breast cancer, the disease that killed her beloved mother, Marcheline Bertrand, at only 56. After having lost her mother to this disease, Jolie decide that she wasn’t going to let her children lose her to cancer.

In my opinion, Ms. Jolie is a rockstar. She is a fierce momma bear that took the crappy cards she had been dealt and took control of the whole situation. While some might not agree with her bold decision, her partner in crime Brad Pitt finds what she did for herself and her family simply “heroic.”

Creative Commons (au.businessinsider.com)

Creative Commons (au.businessinsider.com)



Angelina even mentions in the article how important it was to have a strong and supportive partner like Pitt by her side throughout the whole ordeal. The pair, who have yet to wed, have six children together, three adopted and three biological. I completely understand her decision to take things into her own hands instead of waiting for the possibility of breast cancer. Because of this decision, her family doesn’t have to worry about someday losing their amazing mommy to breast cancer.

With her sexy flicks and that alluring face, Angelina Jolie has always been a favorite celebrity of mine, but this makes her the ultimate badass in my book. Her courageousness is outstanding, and by sharing this intimate story she is empowering women that may find themselves in similar situations. Her final line in the article says, “Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.” You are one strong, beautiful woman, Angelina Jolie!

What do you think of Angelina’s decision to get a double mastectomy?

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