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September 14, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (bravoandy)

Instagram (bravoandy)


Rumor has it that Andy Cohen and his alleged boyfriend Sean Avery are to hear wedding bells in the near future. While the juicy bits have yet to be verified, the very idea of Cohen getting engaged leaves a sort of bittersweet jealousy in my heart.

For heaven’s sake, could the year 2013 strip any more man-candy off the market? I’ve reluctantly relinquished Tyler Posey and Carlos Pena, but Andy is all mine!

Word on the engagement first broke to The Fame Driven, when an inside source spoke secretly about the rumored couple’s relationship. A report from however, tells it differently. Louis Cohen, Andy’s father, spoke out against the speculations surrounding his son’s rumored engagement to the ex-NHL player. To his knowledge, Louis says his son “is not engaged,” assuring the information is misleading.

As much as I want to, I can’t start cheering just yet. Louis also mentioned how good his son is at keeping “big secrets,” which only leads me to believe another secret wedding will surface pretty soon.

Instagram (bravoandy)

Instagram (bravoandy)


It’s difficult out here for us guys to find other guys who are into guys and are also in the celebrity spotlight. Phew! I know that was a handful to say, but you get the point.

Sure, there are the pretty boys like Matt Bomer, and silver-foxes like Anderson Cooper. But Bomer’s too “pretty” and Cooper’s too “pale.” Andy is my perfect cup of vanilla chai tea. So, for the sake of my diary and my dreams, let’s all hope Andy’s engagement comes in the very far future…

As if my jealousy weren’t so obvious, in all seriousness, it’d be great to see Andy walk down the aisle with such a handsome guy. After all, Avery meets all the credentials of a hot hubby: Big, buff and quite dapper in a bow tie. Whether Andy weds today or in the next decade, it’d be another hallmark moment in Hollywood.

What do you think about Andy’s rumored engagement to Avery? Think it’ll top Lance Bass‘ nuptials?

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