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February 04, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Andre 3000

Rapper, singer, and actor Andre “3000″ Benjamin, 35, first made us stop and stare as he rapped along with Big Boi in their larger-than-life group, Outkast.  Now, Andre 3000 continues to push the boundaries of art in all forms, including his threads.

Three Stacks has gone through a public fashion evolution but has never lost his eclectic style.  His individuality permeates whatever project he tackles, from the studio to his daily ensemble.  Currently, Andre is the epitome of vintage finesse. His dapper look is comprised of pieces that speak volumes for the direction of men’s fashion.  His garments have strayed from the baggy pants and over-sized tees popular in the 90s to fitted pants and crisp oxfords.

Andre has brought the style that begun in the seams of seasoned artists, like Buddy Holly and Sam Cooke, back to life. Being the icon that he is, he has become a prototype for the era of the new gentleman, adding a little spice to old trends.  Although the style was conceived fifty years ago, its revivers are mostly young men.  It is great attire for collegiate settings and beyond.

To embrace the gentlemanly look, keep in mind: the gentleman vibe comes from an outfit’s clean simplicity.  Fitted jeans and polos or oxfords can project a casual look.  A nice pant with perhaps a shirt and skinny or bow tie gives a more formal feel.  Funky socks with stripes and anchors are also great ways to attain this look while adding some individuality to the garb.  Andre often sets his outfits off with suspenders or a cool fedora to perfect his ensemble.

Andre 3000 in His MultiColored Gentlemen Gear

His keen taste for vintage British designers and combinations of wild patterns and colors puts him at the top of the fashion game. He finds ways to convey his masculinity through his suave sophistication. Andre 3000 is a debonair style icon, makeing it acceptable to be dressed as a gentleman everyday.

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