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June 04, 2013  | by: Jara Montez



There are only a few events that elicit strong emotions from the public. That list includes politics, social issues, Amanda Bynes, and last night’s episode of “Game of Thrones”.


If you still haven’t watched it, first, shame on you, and second, stop reading now.

If you read the books, you’ve been dreading this scene since the beginning of the third season, possibly even earlier. If you’re a watcher of the series, you most likely had no idea this was coming. Why? Because we have always been taught that the good guys always win. The underdogs, the superheroes, the pudgy kids with acne and glasses; they’re supposed to prevail in this cheesy and trite metaphor for life.

Yet in “The Rains of Castamere” episode, we were once again reminded that life never ends up that way. Last night’s travesty ended in five deaths: The character Robb, his mother Catelyn, his wife, Talisa, his wolf, Grey Wind and his future child (whose name was intended to be Ned <3). This was the icing on the cake to another already agonizing element: Arya literally being a skip away from seeing her brother and mother, and Bran, just a  peek out the window from seeing Jon Snow. I tell ya, if that wasn’t a modern day story of Tantalus, I don’t know what is.

This episode solidified what Ned told us in the beginning of the series; no one is safe.  Now, we’re stuck watching a show sans the most ruggedly handsome ginger.





So, here’s my open letter to the most noble, Robb Stark:

You, like your father, chose not to subject yourself to the politics of the realm. You were driven by revenge for your father’s murder, but ultimately steered by love. You made the bewildering decision to marry Talisa, over the Frey you were vowed to. Can we blame you? Ultimately, no. While 99% of the female population was beyond miffed at your decision, we understood (actually we didn’t, and we wish that was us).

It’s a time old tale that love conquers all. Unfortunately, in your case, ehhh not so much. Your death left us with three things: we must follow our hearts, we shouldn’t sell out to appease others, and an increased awareness of the term YOLO.

As it was said, “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” You didn’t play, and you lost. You lost real bad. But you didn’t lose our hearts, dear Robb. You didn’t lose our hearts. And to that, I’ll end with, this;

The North remembers.

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