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April 29, 2011  | by: Ashley Santucci

Contestants on American Idol

Stylists Soyon An and Miles Siggins have recently revealed some insider secrets about the fashion on American Idol.  An has worked with the female contestants for the past three years, and Siggins has been with the show since season two and costumes the male contestants.  According to them, each contestant gets a weekly $400 shopping budget for their show wardrobe. If only we were all so lucky.

Additionally, An stated the importance of showcasing each contestant’s personality through their clothes. She said, “The key element is making sure their individual style is still there. You don’t want to lose yourself in this process.”

They also explained that if a contestant is going to wear something simple, such as a t-shirt and jeans, they can just pull from their stock and use the entire budget for an incredible pair of shoes.

Shoes actually happen to be an important wardrobe factor. In fact, sometimes an entire outfit is built around a pair of shoes. For example, they noted that Stefano Langone, whose journey ended on April 21, is obsessed with shoes. Once, he insisted he wear a pair of white, green, and black sneakers, so they made sure they found a shirt to match.

Before her departure on April 7, Pia Toscano performed in a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. An noted that they blew her entire budget on them, and Pia even had to pay out of pocket for the rest!

Some contestants have found a signature style while on the show. Lauren Alaina, for example, has a standard look of a dress with cowboy boots. Country-crooner, Scotty McCreery, also always performs in cowboy boots mixed with vintage.

Then there are the performers who are super low-maintenance. Siggens said that Casey Abrams wears the same two pairs of Aldo boots for every performance, and the results show!

In addition to Aldo making frequent Idol appearances, the stylists noted that they are also fans of the brands Chinese Laundry and Bebe.

What do you think of the fashion on American Idol?

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