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December 10, 2012  | by: Jennifer Chien

Photo by ‘omgitstimmyyy’ (flickr)


Love her or hate her, Britney Spear’s comeback record proves that she is untouchable. She may have had mental breakdowns back in the day, and she may have had her share of a few bad performances (remember the 2007 VMA’s?), but she has never failed to entertain us. Even though her recent collaboration with, ‘Scream and Shout’, fails to impress in some ways, you know a part of you just can’t resist that replay button. 

The music video for this song is just as ridiculous as its lyrics. Take a look and correct me if I’m wrong.

What did you think? Do I need to mention Britney’s strange incorporation of a British or Austrailian accent? Or is she trying to channel her inner Madonna? And not to mention the synchronized clones of Britney and Will that goes with lack of lyrics and repetition. It’s all pretty damn catchy.

This is perhaps the most futuristic music video for either artists, and considering the song and the music video, I’d say the duo was meant to go in a humorous direction, and whatever direction they were going for, it’s definitely working. I mean, they are on iTunes top ten. From her attempted accent to her cloned performance, I can’t help but like everything about this. Thoughts?

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