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September 08, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Alexa Chung

When we see our favorite female celebrities we expect to see them in the latest, most expensive high heeled shoes, but stars like Alexa Chung have made wearing flats the go-to thing for shoes this season.

Alexa Chung hit the air waves when she stormed her way onto television with her talk show on MTV, “It’s On with Alexa Chung.”  After that was cancelled, people started talking about her refreshing fashion sense, and they started taking notes for their own closets.

Chung very rarely wears heels. Her shoes of choice are female penny loafers, vintage oxfords, or any kind of fashionable flats that accessorize her laid back style. It is noticed that she isn’t the most make-up wearing, girly girl of the bunch, but that’s what everybody loves from the British star; she’s different.

For the fall, penny loafers, oxfords and other style of loafers are the shoes to have. This allows one to be more comfortable and look effortless while still maintaining a polished look. Penny loafers are known for being part of school uniforms in the younger years of fashion. Back then it wasn’t considered a fashion-do, but now they are must haves!

This shoe creates a style of class, because it is very simple. From wearing the simple black, or the classic burgundy this shoe goes great with any casual outfit. Pair these shoes with a pair of cropped or rolled-up jeans and a button-down shirt and you have the look down to a Tee. Or wear it with high-waisted shorts, a simple t-shirt and a blazer or cardigan and you’re now the good school girl with a twist.

Alexa in Oxfords

Oxfords have also been in the fashion world forever, and are now making their return to the spotlight. These shoes are known for looking like bowling shoes, or reminds a lot of people of Elvis with the typical black and white patent leather finish. The shoe has of course, since been revamped and are offered in a variety of materials and color patterns.

This look is a little more funky and fun than the loafers, but it still has that respectable attitude. Once again, this shoe is versatile with up or down. Some have fun with the shoe, wearing it with tailored slacks and a sheer top, or with just a t shirt and jeans. It’s easy to have fun with this shoe and its unique detail.

We always love stars like Alexa Chung that makes wearing flats look cool, and classic. It now not only saves our feet, but it opens the door for more looks to our closets. The trend has taken off so much that there are many different styles, looks, colors, and designs to these shoes now and definitely a flat out there for every woman. Flats are no longer boring and plain. Get penny loafers, loafers and oxfords this fall to show that you can still look good and stand tall in stylish flats.

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