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April 23, 2012  | by: Ethan Feldstein

Snoop Dogg's latest EP

Snoop Dogg’s latest EP is entitled Stoner’s (just in time for 4/20), and if the title itself doesn’t hint at its lack of originality, its content will.  The west coast rapper has certainly proven himself over they years, and his old school hits like “Gin and Juice” and “Who am I? (What’s my name)” have kept their staying power amongst stoner playlists. He’s kept up with the times, utilizing auto tune with 2008′s “Sexual Eruption,” and teaming up with pop star Katy Perry in “California Gurls.”  With that said, Snoop seems to be more concerned with teaming up with current stars for his own staying power, rather than writing anything refreshing. Unfortunately, his newest effort portrays that same laziness.

The first track, “1st We Blaze It Up,” starts out with a catch funk riff, but then proceeds with crummy lyrics that were obviously an afterthought.  The chorus echoes, “First we blaze it up, when we do, it stays, what is up?”

The following song, “Stoner’s Anthem” is flat out boring.  It literally sounds like Snoop is getting ripped, rambling, and then falling asleep.

“Show You How a Gansta Do” is typical Snoop, embodying his pimp persona.

The remainder of the EP goes in this way, lazy writing and awkward beats.  Snoop really has nothing to offer here.  The most pointless track is a one minute interlude, “It’s Gettin’ Harder” which just repeats the line, “It’s gettin’ harder to fuck your friends” over and over.  Thank goodness it’s only a minute long.

The only song that is worth anything is “Can You Take Me,” which is by Hustle Boyz, but features Snoop.  It’s a darker song that delivers the line, “Can you take me to a place where they love to smoke?  Can you take me to a place where it’s easy to see?”  It’s simple, but it works.  It’s the only track that seems to evoke any sort of serious emotion, and thus the album’s only redeeming quality.

It’s not all that surprising to me that this EP is a disappointment.  Snoop stopped caring years ago, and I doubt he has anything left to offer.

Grade: F+

Best Track: “Can You Take Me”

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