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April 16, 2012  | by: Jaira Keys


After releasing a successful album in 2010, Monica is back with her new album, New Life. But the question is: can she do it again?

The first track on the album, “It All Belongs to Me”, has indisputably received the most attention and is well deserved. It’s been 14 years since Brandy and Monica had a vocal battle over a guy on the hit record “The Boy is Mine.” That song was one that everyone knew and every girl wanted to sing. I remember having lip synching battles to this song (I can’t sing).

When a record becomes as big as “The Boy is Mine” did, it is difficult to put out a record with the same person and also have the song be as well received. They have done it. This time instead of fighting each other it seems as though these ladies have gotten together to fight against a no good man. Their vocals do this reunion it’s justice.

Although “It All Belongs To Me” has received the most attention that doesn’t mean Monica doesn’t have more hits up her sleeve. Yes, I do begin to lose faith in the album after the first few songs, but these tracks had to much potential and so much promise. “Take A Chance” featuring Wale had my hopes up but eventually let me down.

Monica redeems herself with the ballad, “Until It’s Gone.” We all know that Monica has a beautiful voice. She brings this song in to remind us who she is and why we love her music. She gives her audience passion and realness. Perhaps many of us can relate to her lyrics.

With high expectations it seems that Monica fumbled the ball. While her vocals hold up, and even at times exceed, what I anticipated is somehow lacking. The album makes it difficult to believe that so many great producers took part in it. Producers like Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox and Missy Elliott, and Rico Love all helped make the album.

The album doesn’t seem very well put together. There is no clear story line although the intro seems like it is setting up one. I love Monica but she fell short this time around.

Final Grade: D

Best Tracks: “It All Belongs To Me,” “Until It’s Gone”

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