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February 14, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Adele's Latest Album

English singer Adele is no longer the 19 year old who gave us a peek into her barely-blossomed love experiences.  She has come back with another album for named for her age, titled 21. Ironically, it will be released in the US on February 22.

This album has a new sound, slightly different from the sultry and raw elements that defined her debut album. Adele, now two years older, is still a young woman with a voice larger than life, so naturally she gives any track soul.

Critics are questioning if Adele’s new album has any memorable hits like Grammy winning “Chasing Pavements,” but I believe the potential in these songs is just as great. Adele definitely took some risks by including a plethora of different sounds and instrumentals as a result of working with various producers on this album.  She ventures into different genres, all while remaining the same soulful Adele. The album does not have the same consistency as 19, but surprise and change is just fine. 21 is another honest album that allows listeners to have look into Adele’s heart, as well as be able to relate to the concepts in the songs.

It’s clear, Adele has had a few run-ins with love since her first effort, and her sentiments are clear as she belts out all of her reminiscent emotions in her runs and rifts. Some think her debut album 19 was a golden album, but I believe Adele is evolving and maturing. We must make room for her to spread her wings and sing.  After all, she’s still only 21.

Check out Adele’s Grammy-winning track, “Chasing Pavements,” below:

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