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February 27, 2013  | by: Joanne Wu
Flickr (chuvaness)

Flickr (chuvaness)

Music, television, and now fashion? Maroon 5 front man and judge on The Voice  surprises us yet again. Adam Levine will be launching a clothing line at Kmart. Levine has always been known to KNOW and get what he wants. Because of this, we can be guaranteed that his new 222 clothing line for Kmart will be just as directional as his other projects. His fans won’t be disappointed!

When MTV asked why (start a clothing line) now? He explained how he thought that it was just “the right time.” He wanted a line that would reflect his personal taste. Does this mean that he thought the other celeb lines don’t do that? It’s been proven that he def would NOT wear any other celeb line. In fact, he would die before he wears any celeb line (besides Tom Ford and Calvin Klein, of course). Was this “just the right time” he was talking about? Perhaps he was just so sick of all the celeb collabs being created recently?

He mentioned that one of his biggest fears for this label is that he doesn’t want it to be another “celebrity bull****,” which he explained about his recent fragrance line. One way he’s trying to prevent this from happening is asking us, the customers, on opinions, on what we want to see for this label. Levine announced that fans should go on ShopYourWay.com and post photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to inspire him. I think it’s cool how he’s using this to connect with his fans, making them feel important and part of his upcoming success. Best of luck, Adam Levine! 

Seems like Kmart is going to be having a busy stylish season! Kmart’s been getting many celeb inspirations going in and out of its stores through the years. Remember Selena Gomez launching her ”Dream Out Loud” clothing line? Seems like celebs are using Kmart as their first stepping stone into their newfound fashion career. Good exposure?

So, will you be supporting Adam Levine on his next big conquer to the fashion industry? Or will you sit this one out, because like me you just don’t shop at Kmart like ever? Let us know!

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