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December 04, 2009  | by: Jazmine Reed
Jazmine Reed

Jazmine Reed

They say that everything in the dark will eventually come to light; scare tactic or blunt honesty? It’s seems the past week has had a blazing spotlight on golf phenom, Tiger Woods, and while the scandal itself has him sweating, the intimate details of his alleged affairs have him blushing with leaked voicemails and exposed “sexts.” Astonishingly enough, Woods managed to engage in his lustful, high-risk behavior for three years without even the softest murmur from bloggers or entertainment networks, impressive. But Woods is just another name added to the endless list that reads, “Unfaithful Athletes.”

An athlete having gorgeous arm candy, and still having a thriving sweet tooth is nothing new. And though the clich̩ storyline is not easily overlooked nor encouraged, why has it become the standard Рalmost the inevitable?

Athletes are the epitome of the “alpha male,” a superior sub-group in the animal kingdom due to superior hunting and physical aptitude. When referring to “alpha males” with humans, they tend to receive admirable attention and as creatures of habit, the alpha male starts to indulge and revel in the praise, soon enough craving it. They make sure to have the spotlight, demonstrating their typical extravert behavior and persistency. The alpha male is definitely confident.

Now, ask any woman the top three qualities she seeks in a significant other, and I am willingly to bet “confidence” is one of the characteristics that she rattles off. Therefore, an alpha male’s yearning desire for attention, especially from a desired woman, mixed with a woman’s need for a confident man makes for a destructive combustion if one of the parties involved is married. 

While nature can explain the pressured temptations of these athletes, as the intellectual species, we all have control and willpower. Perhaps, instead of practicing birdie shots and free throws, perhaps control, willpower and family should be a priority.

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