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May 26, 2011  | by: Natalie Maneval

The Bachelorette: Ashley Hebert

And here it goes again, another season of “The Bachelorette” aired Monday on ABC. This season doesn’t seem to be much different from all the other Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons. The bachelorette this season is Ashley Hebert. After getting dumped on Season 15 of “The Bachelor,” Ashley now has a second chance at finding love with 25 other men.

The first episode of the show already had its share of drama, from one man who got drunk and passed out, another who wears a mask, to another man who admitted on camera that he doesn’t care about Ashley at all.

However, besides the few men with drama, the show did a good job with getting handsome, successful men to come on this season. Of course, Ashley kept some duds around as she narrowed the field from 25 to 18 men.

This season, the group will be traveling to Thailand, Hong Kong and Fiji as Ashley decides which man is right for her. She says she thinks her future husband is in this group of men, though in some spoilers it looks like Ashley won’t have an easy road this season as one man voluntarily leaves the show, leaving Ashley heartbroken.

Finding love on reality TV seems to be tricky business. I guess the audience will have to wait and see if this works out for “The Bachelorette,” or if it will be a waste of time for both her and the viewers.

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