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January 24, 2011  | by: Cynthia Almanzar

Beyonce to Star in "A Star is Born" Remake

Beyonce has been trying to break big into the acting scene for a while now.  Yet every project has brought disappointment.  After all her near-misses, maybe Beyonce’s luck is about the take a turn for the best with her latest film: the third remake of Hollywood’s classic A Star Is Born.

Although Beyonce is not a bad actress, I’m sure her career on the big screen isn’t going the way she expected.  Dreamgirls (2006) was supposed to be her big break, but Jennifer Hudson stole her thunder.  Beyonce’s portrayal of Etta James in Cadillac Records (2008) went by unacknowledged.  I forgot Beyonce was even in that movie.  And then there was that train wreck of a movie: Obsessed (2009). That film was just plain bad, casting doubts on whether Beyonce could act at all.

But out of the wreckage, a new star could be born. Warner Bros. are hoping this could be Beyonce’s first big film.

If history means anything, this movie is a good bet.  A Star is Born has had several incarnations, starting with the 1937 original starring Janet Gaynor.  This version won the Oscar for Best Screenplay and was nominated for six other awards including Best Picture, Best actors, and (check this out) Best Actress!

A Star is Born was remade for the first time in 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason.  This version was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Actor and, there you have it again, Best Actress.

The 1976 version of A Star Is Born didn’t do as well as the others. Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson embody the already well know characters, this time rock and roll stars. Though there was not best actress or best picture nominations from the Academy Awards this time around, Streisand did win a Golden Globe, guess what for?  Yeah, you got it. Best Actress!

Clint Eastwood Will Direct Beyonce

The history of the film itself is enough to bring moviegoers to the box office, but on top of that, Clint Eastwood is set direct the new version.  Beyonce will play the part Janet Gaynor, Judy Garland, and Barbara Streisand played before.  Though it may seem intimidating, who’s better to get the best performance out of an actress than Clint Eastwood?  According to several actors, including two time Academy Award Winner Hilary Swank, there is NO ONE better than Eastwood. The right director is on board, with the right material.  Will Beyonce deliver?

It seems that there is not better movie to be nominated for.  Now it’s Beyonce’s turn. Will her performance be as well received as the others? Will someone finally win an Academy Award for Best Actress for this role? Will an already established star (Eastwood) help the aspiring actress (Beyonce) reach her dream, just like in the film? For the time being, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The new A Star is Born will be released next year.

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