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June 06, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (miguelunlimited)

Instagram (miguelunlimited)


We saw this coming already, didn’t we? I know I did.

The Grammy-nominated singer, Miguel, could be getting served with a lawsuit for his WrestleMania-inspired “crotch-slam” at the 2013 Billboard Awards.

If you have been living under a rock for the past month, or simply haven’t heard, the “Adorn” singer made headlines for his stunt at the annual gala when he decided to unleash his inner “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, attempting (but failing) to hurdle over a crowd of raving fans, injuring audience member Khyati Shah.

Even though the dust has settled, reports that the victim is now seeking legal action have emerged. According to TMZ officials, Shah’s attorneys are sighting possible brain damage as a result of the injury. Shah’s lawyer Vip Bhola has given this statement: “Some of the difficulties she’s experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury.”

Bhola also criticized the lack of urgency and medical precaution taken after the incident. Instead of being rushed into a hospital, Shah received merely an ice pack to alleviate her pain and to prevent any bruising. As of yet, no further action is being taken until Shah’s neurological test results have been completed.

While I hope Shah’s recovery is a smooth one, the girl got a sweet deal out of the smack-down, enjoying an interview with the singer, appearing just fine with having taken one for the team (no pun intended):

Now for the juicy bits. I guess I’ll start with the actual “injury” itself. If you watch the clip below, the singer landed on Shah’s head and arms. And from the interview above, Shah’s wearing the ice pack on her elbow.

Okay, so we know there was damage to her elbow. I’ll grant her that injury. But this is what confuses and frustrates me about these kinds of situations. First, why the heck are we always hearing about these injuries weeks later? The event was more than two weeks ago, and suddenly we’re told there was possible cognitive damage. And secondly, America, how long will we continue to allow ourselves to believe that all injuries caused by celebrities are everlasting and are extensive enough for pressing charges? Not much longer, I hope.

This seems like another poor attempt by a fan, and I use the term lightly at this point, to scrounge off their wealthy idols. I know little about neurological injuries but I’m sure there were other hidden variables regarding these accusations in order to save face, which leads me to ask a bigger question: How do we know this cognitive complication isn’t a result of something that occurred after the ceremony? The problem is that we don’t know, which is equally frustrating.

Instagram (miguelunlimited)

Instagram (miguelunlimited)


For the record, I’m not justifying Miguel’s actions at all. It was stupid and reprecussions are in order. In fact, he wasn’t even permitted to perform the stunt, his decision to defy orders given by the producers was intolerant. So far, things aren’t looking good for Miguel.

If Shah is successful in her legal pursuit, I couldn’t fault her. I can hear her now, “He almost broke my neck, your honor. I adore him but I deserve medical and financial relief.” However, I’m still curious to know her intentions for taking action now.

Do you think these allegations have some truth behind them, or does this seem like your old fashion Hollywood scheme?

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