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March 16, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@meg_borer)

Twitter (meg_borer)


In the history of this magical, addicting light-box we call a television there have been three types of programs. Well, unarguably, the classifications could go much (much, much) more in depth than that, but for the sake of all things lovable and easy to understand, we’ll stick to three.

There is the bad show. It probably only lasts one season, has minimal viewership, and irrevocably sucks. It may potentially be later rediscovered and reach cult status along the likes of “Freaks and Geeks” or “Firefly,” but the chances are not in its favor (Hunger Games reference!!)

Then there is the okay show, probably the least memorable because it was neither spectacularly good nor bad. Sometimes it sucks to not suck enough. Life lesson, right there.

Twitter (Swan_Am1)

Twitter (Swan_Am1)

Lastly, there is the good show. It has millions of viewers, plural seasons, and a cultural significance. But sometimes, just sometimes, a phenomenon breaks out of the mix. A Katniss Everdeen, if you will. It is so fantastic and satisfying and deserving of every complementary adjective your SAT-prepped mind can conjure. But it ends, and then you are left to re-watch every episode on DVD again and again just to feel a spark of the magic again.

An THE example? “Gilmore Girls.” There was nary a teenage soul nor a parental figure who didn’t find some form of cultural ecstasy in the program. It had 7 seasons and now… a movie?

Right on the heels of the news that a Kickstarter campaign has been initiated to fund a “Veronica Mars” film, fans of “Gilmore Girls” have been beseeching actors, creators, producers… basically anyone once associated with the show in any way, for the same movement. Lauren Graham (AKA: Lorelai Gilmore, for you noobs) tweeted her enthusiasm for the support saying “Dudes, I hear you, and thanks! But I can’t be the #GilmoreGirls @kickstarter. Only Amy can start that kick.”

Amy, as in Amy Sherman Palladino, who stated not that long ago that she was in contact with Graham and her costar Alexis Bledel, and would love to revisit the Gilmore clan if there was a story left to tell.

So that’s a yes, then? Judging by the fact that “Grey’s Anatomy” is still on the air, TV writers have a knack for continuing to find stories to tell, even if, in some circumstances, they really shouldn’t be. That wouldn’t be the case with the “Gilmore” movie though. The possibilities are truly uninhibited.

They could revisit Jess’s swan rival…

Or make a sequel to this infamous scene…

Or just keep saying “Oy with the poodles already!”

You know you’ve been itching to hear that again.

So, my friends, there really isn’t a single reason in the world that the “Gilmore Girls” movie should not be made. It is only natural and right. Not to mention f***ing awesome.

Are you ready to see Lorelai, Rory, Luke & Co. on the big screen?

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