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July 11, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Instagram (behindthelens429)

Instagram (behindthelens429)


Remember Aly & AJ? Well, you probably won’t once you hear the duo’s first single under the name, 78Violet, which is surprisingly boring.

While undergoing a six year hiatus, it seems as though the girls who once brought us sing-alongs “Like Whoa” and “Potential Breakup Song” have lost the flair which rocketed them to Disney pop stardom.

“Hothouse,” 78Violet’s 7-minute single, opens with a lengthy dramatic monologue which could have easily been taken out of any indie-drama, drawing you out into an open grassland. The video is filled with country girl garments, stallions and… a greenhouse? Yes, lots and lots of greenhouse imagery. There’s also a Toyota truck, which did nothing but make the video’s theme seem more unbalanced.

I was totally stoked when I heard the band was readying their newest record, especially when they released their first single. I love Aly & AJ, but 78Violet’s tune completely lost me with its dreadfully long intro and vague meaning. Not only is the video dry, but the  ambiguity of the lyrics alone are frustrating and difficult to comprehend.

For example, what the heck is a “hothouse flower?” Apparently, it’s something “too hot to handle.” I don’t know… (sense my aggravation, yet?)

I seriously hope after six years of musical retirement, 78Violet has something more in store for their followers on the rest of their album, because this is sort of pathetic:

Are you thrilled about Aly & AJ’s return to music through 78Violet?

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  • Tyler

    How godawful of them to use a song that isn’t in your vocabulary!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!

    I agree with you. They should have kept making mindless and meaningless songs about their various breakups that lacked real substance.

    I shouldn’t have to think to be able to understand something. They are the absolute worst now. I will not be buying their album if they keep acting like real artists.