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January 22, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Jeremy Renner can move it on over, Hawkeye is better used to describe Nina Garcia at Fashion Week. Flickr (CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK)



Madonna got it wrong. We aren’t living in a material world; we’re living in a virtual one. Texting is the new talking, Facebook is the new email, and while books are charming, you aren’t going to find a flying Pop-tart cat crapping a rainbow in there. They say men and women in the army do more by 9 a.m. than most people do in a day, but I’d say if I wake up at 8:55, check my 3 different emails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Perez Hilton, I’m doing pretty damn good. And I can do it all without breaking a sweat (or a nail.) The point is, love it or hate it, online savvy is the key to getting what you want, learning what you want, and becoming a more well-rounded and in-the-know person.

In no field is this truer than in fashion. Since we’re unfortunately not long-lost Olsen’s or prodigious unknowns Michelle Obama chose out of the masses to design her inaugural gown, those front-row seats at New York Fashion Week are just going to Anna Wintour and Kate Bosworth. But with the right know-how, you never have to miss a beat, whether is behind-the-scenes at the show, slammin’ street style, or some sage words of advice (Never black and brown. Never.) It all starts with Twitter. Follow the right people – i.e. these 6 – and you’ll be the best industry insider they never knew existed.

Nina Garcia. Known to most for being the most normal colored (Michael Kors, we’re looking at you) and easiest to understand judge on “Project Runway,” Garcia is the fashion director for Marie Claire magazine, whose eye for trends is so accurate, she’ll call them as they’re being strutted down the runway. Being the first first first of your so-called-fashionable friends to be up on the trends? It’s a can’t miss “Follow” button.

Hilary Alexander. A fashion journalist voted the most popular fashion tweeter at New York Fashion Week, Alexander has a whopping 243,838 followers as of this instant. She’s 65, so she’s known the industry for a long time and has the perspective to know what’s true fashion and what’ll fade away fast. Alexander tweets practically everyday, usually multiple times, keeping her followers updated on the newest designs from the best around. And lots of pictures. Lots.

anIf I looked like that I'd tweet selfies too. Flickr (angrydiamond)

Flickr (angrydiamond)


Jessica Stam. Your token model follow. There are many models with many Twitter handles, and while some might seem alluring for the prestige (Naomi Campbell) or the it-girl factor (Cara Delevingne), Stam is the total package. Her avid re-tweets and Insta pics keep you both aware of what it’s like to be a model, and what it’s like to be a real awesome person (and a well-dressed one at that.) Stam’s not a Twitter-whore, so when she tweets, they’re worth reading. And, she keeps it real about charity and awareness. #totalpackage

DKNY. Once just an anonymous tweeter from behind-the-scenes at Donna Karan New York, DKNY PR Girl has since been revealed as Aliza Licht, one of the most refreshing voices on Twitter today. She tweets about fashion, her enviable lifestyle, and even throws in some “Revenge” commentary for kicks and giggles. Okay, a lot of “Revenge” commentary. But, if you want a real girl’s take on that formidable fashion world, Licht is a must-follow.

Geri Hirsch. The genius behind fashion blog Because I’m Addicted. Hirsch is a self-made fashionista and is in good with the right people. Having started with a blog, Hirsch knows how to write a tweet. Don’t think you’ll find any chat speak on this lady’s page. She’s got a great life, and she tweets about it constantly. If there is someone to emulate, it’s her. #fakeittilyoumakeit

Karl Lagerfeld. Okay, so it’s not actually Karl Lagerfeld, but a fan instead. You didn’t actually think Lord Lagerfeld would condescend to the masses by taking to such a public forum, did you? Come one, this is the man who admitted he didn’t want children because he wouldn’t be able to handle it if they were fat. It’s that kind of snarky voice that makes this twitter – purely quotes from old interviews – absolutely priceless. An example: “Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems.” Oh Karl…

Okay fashionistas, who do you follow on Twitter? (Besides @emcBlue, obviously.)

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