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May 14, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Twitter (@TeamOnikaFrance)

Twitter (@TeamOnikaFrance)


So, “American Idol,” I heard you need a makeover. Like not just a time-slot-color-scheme-one-judge-and-a-backstage-correspondent kinda makeover, but a complete overhaul. Luckily for you, I’m blonde and live in Southern California, so I’m basically Cher Horowitz, and luckily for me, reconfiguring the judges panel of the original singing competition reality show is just the kind of summer project I’ve been looking for.

Even though our collaboration isn’t official yet (details!) I’ve already started brainstorming some new-ish faces for your fall 2013 season.

Twitter (@MyLifeIsSMG)

Twitter (@MyLifeIsSMG)


Miley Cyrus. Mileybird is on top right now. She’s got a fierce haircut (that somehow manages to be relevant months after its initial chopping), the title of Maxim’s #1 hottest, a new album in the works, and supposedly still a superbly beautiful boyfriend. The only thing Miley could use now is a little authority. Demi’s turn at “The X-Factor” did wonders for her reputation, could it be time for Ms. Cyrus to follow suit?

Psy. Sure, his grasp of the English language is limited at best, but if Britney Spears made it through judging an entire season of “The X-Factor” using only the phrases “I loved it,” “That was special,” and “You’re so cute,” then Psy could do equal wonders with just “heyyyyy sexy lady.” His casting, if you will, could be just the publicity stunt the show needs to get its name back on the map.

Miranda Lambert. Despite having multiple country-based winners, “American Idol” never had a judge that has any experience in the genre before Keith Urban. Miranda is outspoken, intelligent, and having her on the show would add an entertaining twist in the ongoing rivalry with “The Voice,” which her husband Blake Shelton judges for.

Twitter (@WomanCrushPix)

Twitter (@WomanCrushPix)

Carrie Underwood. For that matter, why doesn’t “American Idol” have one of its past winners come back and judge? If anyone knows the process of finding and maintaining fame through a reality TV show, it is them. Carrie, being the most successful winner, would be the obvious first choice, but wouldn’t it be novel if the show switched off every season having a new past winner on the panel? The hype of which one comes next could last them for quite a few seasons, and fans would tune back in to see their old favorites.

Kanye West. Sure, this one is more a dream than an actual possibility, but could you just imagine the things that could come out of his mouth? I die.

Ryan Seacrest. Hey, no one knows “Idol” better than the elf man that has been with it from the start. He doesn’t technically have any experience in the music industry except his radio show, but if there’s one thing Seacrest knows, it’s fame. He is the one responsible for launching the Kardashians. Now imagine that power utilized on someone with actual talent? He’d create an unstoppable force.

Who are your top choices for the potential new “American Idol” judges?

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