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April 20, 2011  | by: Hannah Bell

Summer Concert Style at Coachella

One of the biggest concert festivals of the year, Coachella, just took place, bringing together awesome music from the performers and of course some great fashion from the audience! Since summer is coming up, meaning plenty of concerts for you to check out, here some top tips on how to look your best and be prepared for any concert situation!

One must-have for any outdoor concert is a great pair of sunglasses. Big or small, as long as they keep you shady, then you’re good to go! A great pair of aviators would be perfect for a setting like this, but any style will really work.

Flat Boots, Flowing Shirts, and Shades are a Must

Something else you’ll be needing is a cute cross-body bag. You can store all your essentials in it, and not have to worry about your hands when you’re rocking out! Pick one in a neutral to match whatever you decide to wear, and make sure that it has enough room to fit everything you need all night.

Heels are always cute, but flats should definitely be your go-to shoe for anything outdoors like this. Whether they be flat boots or sandals, flats are always more functional and easier to jump around in, something you should be doing a lot of at concerts!

And for clothes, shorts or a romper are an easy way to look cute and stay simple. Summer skirts are always great, but you never know how windy it might get outside, and sometimes you just don’t want to worry about where your legs are. A pair of floral-patterned shorts or a bright colored pair would be a great choice, as those are two great trends for this season!

Another item to put on your list is a simple and loose top. You don’t want a super-tight fit when you’re trying to wave your arms in the air! Loose tops also give you an effortless vibe, which is a great thing to have when you’re just hanging out at an awesome show.

Now that you know what to wear, go buy your summer tickets already!

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