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March 11, 2013  | by: Tania Lasenburg
Twitter (Drake)

Twitter (Drake)


“Started from the Bottom” is the anthem of 2013 and we are only in March. But that isn’t enough for Drake; upon giving his fans the title of his 3rd album “Nothing Was the Same,” Drake released his second single “5 AM in Toronto.”

This song is a play on Drake’s freestyle “9 AM in Dallas.” The two songs are completely different. While 9 AM comes off light and fun, 5 AM comes off a bit angry and frustrating. It seems that Drake needs to remind people that he has money and he can do what he wants AND he can get any female he wants.

In my opinion, “9 AM in Dallas” is the better song. He is having fun and even though he states that he has money, there is a certain freshness that emulates from the track. In “5 AM in Toronto” he sounds old, upset, but most importantly he doesn’t sound as if he is enjoying himself.

There is nothing wrong with flaunting what you have. I mean, rappers only talk about what’s around them, so if it’s money and fast girls, then they are going to talk about money and fast girls. But there has to be some life into the song, freestyle or not.

My vote is on “9 AM in Dallas” Which one would you choose to listen to more?

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