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It’s All About the Details in NYC Streets

  This week its all about the details in the city. Street walkers were spotted with big bags, colorful accents, and exotic accessories that made their monochrome outfits stand out. A great lesson on how a simple piece can transform … Continue reading

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Sammy Adams Collapses on Stage

  What is going on with all these rappers having seizures? The latest incident was when up and coming rapper, Sammy Adams, fell to the ground and started shaking… mid performance!

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Marie-Hélène de Taillac Arrives in New York City

  People say accessories are what make an outfit. With my stacks of bracelets, layers of necklaces and cluster of rings, I couldn’t agree more. My love for jewelry is jus one of the reasons why I am so excited … Continue reading

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Watch Tyler The Creator’s Creepy Video for “IFHY”

  Tyler, The Creator’s third studio album, Wolf, leaked online a few days ago. The follow-up to 2011′s testosterone-fuelled and raging Goblin is overall a mellower production featuring chilled out beats, but don’t think the angsty, weird teenager persona is gone forever. He’s still … Continue reading

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Get Ready for “Game of Thrones” Season Three

  Spring is here, but winter is coming… Good one! And if you didn’t get that, shame on you! George R.R. Martin’s superstar fantasy series turned HBO’S mega-hit, “Game of Thrones” returns for more deceit, heartbreak (ahem, Robb), and conflict … Continue reading

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A Rocket to the Moon is Back Again!

  I’m always super excited when one of my favorite bands releases a new album, so I was pretty ecstatic when A Rocket to the Moon released their new album Wild & Free this week.

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Jeremy Renner Has a Baby Now! Wait…What?!

    You guys! Jeremy Renner just had a baby girl! Well, he didn’t have the baby. That’s impossible, silly! He may hang out with superheroes, but let’s be honest…no man, no matter how super, would be able to handle being … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style

  Oh hey girl… or guy, Baby Kimye – now that your mother has taken to a nationally televised late night program to let us all know that you, in fact, will not be named North (let out collective sigh … Continue reading

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Fashion Label Hermès Is Selling A $91,000 T-Shirt!

  In Greek mythology, the god named Hermes is symbolized as “the messenger.” His father, mighty Zeus, also made him the god of commerce due to Hermes’ mischievous thieving tendencies.

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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Share First Night Out As Parents

  Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose had their first outing as parents Wednesday night after the birth of their son, Sebastian, last month. The couple was spotted at Hyde Lounge in Hollywood.

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