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Ke$ha Brings Her Party to Television

Mark this as the 3,972th celebrity to make their way to your television screen. Everyone’s favorite wild child, Ke$ha is ready to give us all a peek into her daily dwellings in “Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life”. 

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‘Nikki & Sara Live’ Premieres on MTV

  Every week it seems as though new shows are premiering on almost every network. This week was no exception. The new talk show “Nikki & Sara Live” officially had its first episode air on Jan 29 on MTV.

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February Already? Here’s Your January Break Down!

  February? Is that you? It seems just days ago you were a twinkle in our mascara-d eyes. But alas, as we welcome the month that hosts Valentines Day, Harry Styles’ 19th birthday (seriously, is he still a teenager?), The … Continue reading

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Rihanna Opens Up About Chris Brown in New Rolling Stones Interview

  We’ve all known for a while now that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back on and fully dating. They haven’t hidden their relationship from the public, and photos of the troubled couple have been in the tabloids for the past few … Continue reading

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Move Over, Brad! Looks Like Rihanna’s The New Face of Chanel

We all know Rihanna doesn’t have a problem revealing things. As far as analogies go, the Barbadian beauty is to the word “coy” as Chris Brown is to the phrase “decent human being.” That’s why when Rihanna posted (yet another) … Continue reading

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The Strokes Announce New Album: “Comedown Machine”

  A friend recently told me that the Strokes embody the hazy, nicotine-infused memories shared between a gang of rebellious youth who think of themselves as too cool for school. And her sentiments ring true: I like to think we … Continue reading

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Is NYFW Losing its Allure or Gaining Back its Glamour?

  Like a bad game of dodge ball, some designers will sit New York fashion week out reports Christina Binkley of the Wall street Journal. Fashion Week, a staple in New York’s history from it’s early beginnings at Bryant Park … Continue reading

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‘Girl Meets World’ Welcomes Rowan Blanchard To The Family

  Attention 90s kids! We all loved it. We all anticipated it. And it’s finally that long-awaited time to bring back a classic of our generation! Disney Channel’s spinoff of Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World has finally found the perfect … Continue reading

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Say What? Kris Jenner Gets Her Own Talk Show

Kris Jenner is no longer just the “momager” we all can’t stop watching on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She is now adding talk show host to her resume. If you’ve been missing your daily dose of Oprah for the … Continue reading

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Velvet’s Hot This Season!

After the 50s, 70s and the much influential 90s, velvet is going through a renaissance. While on one hand it invokes feelings of schoolgirl with hair bows and Christmas Carol on Broadway, it channels seventeenth century grandeur as well. But … Continue reading

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