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Top 5 Best Fall Handbags

The wonderful thing about purses is their ability to make even the most boring outfits look fun and girly. The second most wonderful thing about purses is that they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to match our ever-changing … Continue reading

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New Girl vs The Mindy Project

  A hard working modern woman, with girl next door charm and a passion for personal style who has hilarious friends and not the slightest idea how to hold down a solid relationship. Sound familiar?

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Great Artists End the Year Strong

Despite the rising presence of auto-tunes and fame hungry [harsh word], it’s been a pretty sweet year for music. Who’s responsible? Some pretty awesome artists. It’s a collection of newcomers and seasoned players that keeps our ears open, and wanting … Continue reading

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Did Nicole Scherzinger Make Out with Chris Brown?

  TMZ snapped a picture yesterday of a young man and woman kissing, said to be Chris Brown and Nicole Scherizinger outside a Hollywood Club. The picture is low-res to say the least, but you can still see the outline … Continue reading

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Keira Knightely Dazzles in 19th Century Russian Attire

Keira Knightely is all over the place, but in a good way. Her newest costume drama, Anna Karenina, will hit U.S. theaters November 9, although it released September 7 in the UK, and was also shown at the Toronto Film … Continue reading

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Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Eco Designs with Chanti and Parker

According to Ecouterre, Gwyneth Paltrow  teamed with Chanti and Parker to design ethical knit sweaters that will be sold on, a blog-and-buy website created in 2008 by Gwyneth herself. So far she has two sweater designs, only available in the … Continue reading

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Rihanna Smokes ‘Diamonds?’

No, not really, but her new single, ‘Diamonds’ cover art replaces the greener substance she does enjoy smoking with some fabulous diamonds. ‘Diamonds’ drops this Wednesday, and according to Rihanna, its a “little different from what people would expect,” [MTV].

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Warm, Fuzzy, and in My Budget!

As I begin to dread removing my blanket in the increasingly chilly mornings, the thought of warm, affordable style brightens me right up. The cold season is so much fun for me because it poses the challenge to combat the … Continue reading

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Jac Jagaciak Headed for the Top

Jac Jagaciak, real name Monika Jagaciak, is a Polish model. The now 18-year-old stunner was discovered at the tender age of 13, a fact which brought the young model her fair share of controversy. Many in the industry were wary … Continue reading

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Make Way for Mahone

Austin Mahone is here to stay, ladies and gentlemen. The sixteen year old Austin, Texas native has officially forged his way in the pop music lane with the release of his music video, “Say Something” this past week. 

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