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Stephen Colbert Voted Maxim’s 69th Hottest Woman in the World

Stephen Colbert returned to The Colbert Report Tuesday night after an extended vacation and happily flaunted his new title as one of the most beautiful women on Earth.

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Hey Music Lovers: Lolla is coming!

In this exact moment, hundreds of thousands of serious music lovers around the world are anxiously awaiting to attend the Lallapalooza (Lolla for short) music festival in Grant Park, Chicago from August 3-5. Created in 1991 by the lead singer … Continue reading

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Controversy Over “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding”

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a show from England that follows the secret lives of Roma Gypsies and Irish Travelers, dominates the world of “Glamazons” as they deck out their daughters in bling and marry them off before they reach … Continue reading

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Don’t Loaf on the Loafers!

  If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of this season, it’s loafers! They make for a fashionably chic alternative to the  already popular ballet flats and can dress up (or down) any outfit.

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More Celebrities Enter the Fashion World

Celebrities are all about working on multiple projects these days. When you’re impeccably dressed on and off the red carpet, fans can always see a future career in fashion. Get ready to clear out your wardrobe, because two of television’s … Continue reading

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Prince William: I Want to Have Children

It seems that a game of guessing mum’s tummy size is in the near future for Prince William and Kate Middleton.  During an interview with ABC’s Katie Couric for The Jubilee Queen special, the Duke of Cambridge said that starting … Continue reading

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Topshop Launches Bridal Line

It’s that time of year again. Couples are putting the finishing touches on their perfect summer wedding. Since history proves June is the most popular month to get married, it couldn’t have come at a better time for British-born designer … Continue reading

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London Calling: Support your Team with Olympic Games Fashion

With the 2012 London Summer Olympics just around the corner, it is time to stock up on your favorite country’s gear. No matter the budget, Olympic wear is available in almost price range.

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Folk Legend Doc Watson Dies at 89

Legendary Folk artist Arthel Lane Watson, infamously known as Doc Watson, passed away on May 29, 2012 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at the age of 89 due to complications from abdominal surgery, according to Rolling Stone News. 

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Through the Looking Glass: Music of the Civil Rights Movement

The American Civil Rights movement transcends time and place. I would be at great fault not to first note the influence that Slavery, and the African music brought to America with it, have had on popular American music. Since a … Continue reading

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