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Dries Van Noten Spring 2012

On Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week, Dries Van Noten showed his newest Spring collection, and it was amazing. The designer seemed to have two separate collections within this one that both had their own theme. There were plenty of … Continue reading

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Alan Cumming to Play Salvador Dali in 3-D Movie

Salvador Dali is one of the greatest surrealist artists ever! Not only has he made a tremendous mark in the world of art, he has also made contributions to the fashion world, including his collaborations with Schiparelli on the “Lobster … Continue reading

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The Cure Announce a Seven Concert Tour

Hipsters and indie teens are today’s trendy cool kids.  They listen to underground bands you’ve never heard of.  They hunt every thrift store for vintage clothing and look like they stepped out of an Urban Outfitters ad.  But, they are … Continue reading

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Drive Shifts Gears While Referencing Classic Rides

Film genres are tricky to maneuver. A balance must be struck between presenting viewers with a familiar plotline and not boring them in the process.  In the case of Drive, the boundary is represented by a broken yellow lane line.  … Continue reading

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First Williams, Now Cavallari Channels Marilyn Monroe

Last week, we told you that Michelle Williams was portraying the late Marilyn Monroe in a new film.  Now, MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari is following closely behind. Actually, she’s quick-stepping behind, if you will. The Laguna Beach beauty survived round … Continue reading

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Turn Your Most Used Into Your Most Fashionable

Do you have that one (or even several) item that you just love and always want to wear? Are you afraid others will start noticing the same outfit? Well people, I am here to take the stress away as we … Continue reading

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Carven Stays Perfectly Perched On the Line Between Edgy and Wearable

Carven is quickly becoming a favorite amongst fashion editors and it girls alike. Guillaume Henry has rebuilt the brand in a way that appeals to a wide array of stylish sensibilities.  Edgy hipsters wear it, but so does Kim Kardashian. … Continue reading

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Closing Time for The Playboy Club

The Playboy bunny is an icon about as delightfully tacky yet unrefined as the Hooter’s owl. The bow-tied rabbit has always been a symbol of everything low-brow in American culture. So when NBC created a show about the bustling early days of … Continue reading

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Cole World: The Sideline Story: True Reflection of Jermaine Cole

At times, when an artist is truly focused and dedicated to their work, you can feel their energy and see the love they have for what they have created. No matter what promotional effort or reviews take place for an … Continue reading

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Cardigans Burst Onto College Campus Scene

Cardigans are making intermittent appearances on college campuses as the weather turns from balmy to breezy. Anna, a college junior, perfects the art of feminine chic with her soft rose cardigan, aubergine printed skirt, and utilitarian brown boots.  As the … Continue reading

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