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July 30, 2012  | by: Qisthi Jenkins

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Casting Mania

New author E.L. James’ bestselling BDSM novel Fifty Shades of Grey keeps shattering sales records with her raunchy book series selling 31 million copies worldwide. With the entire globe obsessing over the Fifty Shades phenomenon, the Fifty Shades of Grey film production has been all that anyone can talk about lately. People everywhere have gone into a Fifty Shades movie casting mania as the number one question on everyone’s mind is: who will play billionaire-control freak-heartthrob Christian Grey?

While many rumors have been floating around, no one has been cast as the seductive, copper haired 27-year-old Mr. Christian Grey….yet. While I’m sure women around the world will be holding on to the edge of their seats until the official casting announcement is made, here are 10 hunky Hollywood actors we think would fit the bill.

#1: Ryan Gosling. This 31-year-old actor fits the age ballpark, and his copper hair and extremely good looks make him a very good candidate for Christian. With his role in Crazy, Stupid, Love we know he definitely has the abs for the role too.

Ryan Gosling

#2: Ian Somerhalder. The “Vampire Diaries” star has not been shy about expressing his desire to play the mysterious Christian Grey. He’s got the perfect smolder, and I think with a few highlights could very well be the guy for the job.

Ian Somerhalder

# 3: Matt Bomer. Personally, 34-year-old Bomer would be my pick for the lead in the Fifty Shades film. Not only does the actor have the perfect looks and the perfect body (as seen from his role in Magic Mike), but his character in USA’s “White Collar” constantly dons a business suit, making it easy to picture him as the billionaire businessman Christian Grey.

Matt Bomer

#4: Chris Hemsworth. With his golden locks and bright eyes, many think the hunky Australian actor would be perfect for the part. His roles in Thor and Snow White and the Hunstman also prove he’s got the acting chops, however, he’s going to have to get rid of his trademark facial hair in order to play the clean-cut Grey.

Chris Hemsworth

#5: Chris Pine. The Star Trek star is undoubtedly very handsome, but he once told Jay Leno that he would not play Christian Grey. However, he changed his mind 2 days later (thank god) and has been vocal about his interest in the film. He doesn’t look half bad in a suit either.

Chris Pine

#6: Robert Pattinson. Since Fifty Shades of Grey originally started out as fan fiction for the Twilight Saga (fun fact!), many think that it would only be fair for the 26-year-old British actor to snag the role of Grey. He also played a 28-year-old billionaire in the film Cosmopolis, so you know he’s got experience playing the part.

Robert Pattinson

#7: Christian Bale. Bale is another actor who has had experience playing the role of a savvy billionaire (a.k.a Batman), given his role in The Dark Knight. While some may argue that the 38-year-old actor is too old to play 26-year-old Christian, a girl can dream, right? Plus, his name itself makes Bale a great contender.

Christian Bale

#8: Chris Evans. The Captain America star could potentially be a  great Christian. He’s definitely got the hair/age/body factor down, but may need a little practice shying himself away from the good guy role in order to play the dark billionaire.

Chris Evans

#9: Armie Hammer. Hammer is physically an amazing choice and many have said they pictured him as Christian while reading the books. However, similar to Chris Evans, he may need some practice steering away from his good guy image. His recent role as a charming prince in Snow White adaptation Mirror, Mirror doesn’t exactly help his case either, but I’m sure he can pull it off.

Armie Hammer

#10: Colin Farrell. The 36-year-old actor has definitely got the bad boy persona down pat, so I’m sure he could depict Christian’s dark side with ease. Just lighten his hair a little and pop in some colored contacts, and he’s good to go.

Colin Farrell

While there has been no word on the film’s casting yet, we will be sure to keep you all updated! Who do you think should play Christian Grey?

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